McCarthy Clean-Up Procedure

We Address Both Your Safety & Ours… Safety Comes First!

What We Do to Protect You & Your Home…

  • During the Pre-Construction Meeting, we design a safety action plan with you by incorporating all concerns that you may have.
  • Depending on your roof criteria needs, we may erect Yellow Caution Tape to isolate non-workers away and provide a safe environment.
  • We keep the job site organized ~ Cover driveway, pools or spas when necessary. We comply with CAL-OSHA safety regulations.

We Understand Landscaping & Shrubbery are Important & Precious.

Here is what we do to protect them…

  • Protect all landscaping, trees & shrubs in the path of falling debris.
  • Inform us if there are any special/delicate plants or shrubs.

An Important Aspect is Keeping Your Home Clean During the Project.

Here is What We Do Every Day…

  • Hand gather all waste and place it into our holding dump vehicle for disposal.
  • Clean site whenever major waste accumulates on the ground.
  • At work days end using “magnetic nail-finder,” we gather nails from lawn, ground landscape. We hand broom the site-placing residue into dump vehicle.
  • We neatly organize & store our tools & materials at a common safe location.

Suggestions to Ensure a Worry-Free Roofing Experience.

Please Take These Preventative Actions Inside Your Home…

  • Discuss with members of household, visitors & service providers that the roof is having work done with restrictions in place including enter/exit door concerns.
  • Caution children not to play in the immediate yard or driveway.
  • Check and/or remove valuable items from walls that are not thoroughly secured.
  • Vibration may cause unsecured items to fall during re-roofing.
  • Cover personal items in the attic and/or garage that may get dirty, as some debris may fall & damage them during the roofing process.