McCarthy Roof Replacement Procedure

  1. McCarthy Roofing shall provide the following:
    • Necessary building permits.
    • Local business license (if applicable).
    • Certificate of Worker’s Compensation & General Liability on every job.
  2. McCarthy Roofing will install all roofing systems in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions, I.C.B.O. specifications, and local building codes, with McCarthy Roofing employees only.
  3. McCarthy Roofing shall install color-matched accessories, i.e., drip edge, starter strip, individual end caps, ridge caps, hip caps, valley ashing, chimney ashing, sidewall flashings, etc. as necessary to satisfactorily complete the job.
  4. McCarthy Roofing shall wire brush, prime & paint, with two coats of acrylic latex paint all vents, pipes and louvers to match color of new roof. McCarthy Roofing shall ash all pipes, vents, and roof penetrations.
  5. McCarthy Roofing shall use polyurethane sealants to seal flashings.
  6. McCarthy Roofing shall remove all debris and rubbish from premises, and magnet sweep lawn, driveways and sidewalks for nails.
  7. McCarthy Roofing shall conduct all work in a neat Professional manner.
  8. At completion of job, McCarthy Roofing shall provide owner(s) with the following:
    • Manufacturer’s warranty on material defects and failure.
    • McCarthy Roofing warranty on workmanship and installation.
    • Waivers of lien on labor and materials.