McCarthy Roof Inspection


inspection  Interior Roof Inspection:

  • Check for water spots on the ceilings and/or walls.
  • Measure & calculate for proper attic ventilation.
  • Inspect attic intake vents for blockage.
  • Inspect attic interior for moisture or dry rot damage.



inspection  Attic Roof Inspection:

  • Inspect attic insulation for proper R-Value.
  • Inspect all roof pipes & vents for proper seal.
  • Inspect roof for cracks & detraction.
  • Inspect roof for surface deterioration.



inspection  Attic Roof Inspection:

  • Check gutters & downspouts for debris & blockage.
  • Inspect for fastening method on original installation.
  • Inspect flashings at all walls, chimneys, and penetrations.
  • Check for deteriorated or torn underlayment.



inspection  Attic Roof Inspection:

  • Inspect for damage caused by contractors/foot traffic, etc..
  • Check for missing, loose or cracked shingles/tiles.
  • Inspect all roof waterways for debris & obstructions.
  • Check for structural and/or environmental concerns.